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TLC Africa Celebrates 16 Years of Service to the Liberian Online Community

TLC Africa celebrates 16 years of service to the Liberian Community at home and abroad. We went online on December 21, 1996 with 4 pages, our Main page, an Email Directory, a Schools Directory and a Message Board that proved to be a valuable tool for finding lost relatives and bringing displaced families together. We built an online vault of information about our country and continue to achieve our goal of highlighting the best that Liberia and Liberians have to offer.

15 years later with hundreds of pages and over 400,000 loyal readers, TLC Africa contains a wealth of information about our history, our constitution, our culture, our people and the progress we are making in rebuilding our country. Through photos we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Through photos we have shared each other journeys, celebrated in each other victories and shared each other sorrows. Through photos we have gaged our progress and are planning our future.

On our 16th Anniversary, I would like to say thanks to the Liberian Community for the dedication and support they have given to TLC Africa over the years. Together with our shared interest, we have developed an online community that we are proud off. Together we have progressed from trying to find our missing love ones, to long heated chatroom debates, to protesting to bring peace and stability to Liberia, to informing each other of the benefits and shortfalls of our politicians and political leaders. We have observed, participated and reported on the successes and failures of us as a people.

TLC Africa is indeed Liberian and our online, virtual community is as strong as any physical community anywhere in the world. We have utilized this tool to the Liberian advantage and we will continue to do so for the benefit of our country and our people. TLC Africa is a reflection of Liberia at any instance in time, and today as we enjoy peace in Liberia and the rewards of selecting a good leader, I wish you the best for the future, for your future is my future and our future is Liberia.

Ciata Victor, TLC Africa Webmaster (December 21, 1996 – 2013)

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